RF HS Kids 1.13.14

Left to right / back to front:

Michael Battles, Beatriz Estrella, Carmina Lopez, Melissa Villa, Sandra Gomez, Thomas Wie, Jessi Hicks, and Kelsey Webber. 

Students from Rock Falls High School shared their various activities of community service and leadership development which fall under the eight areas of human development known as the 40 Developmental Assets or behavior traits of successful people at the Rock Falls Rotary Meeting.  Service was exemplified by these students in summer Feed The Children program, BLAST program that matches high school students with younger students as role models, leadership skill building through the BLIND (Building Lasting Impressions that Never Die) program which removes barriers between students from different high schools, and Girl Group that builds self esteem and confidence of female students.  These student programs are facilitated by faculty advisor Margo Jakobs.