President of Rock Falls Rotary Pam Erby welcomed over a hundred Rotarians, guests, farmers of several generations, agribusinessmen, and service providers  on March 16 at Deer Valley Country Club for the 67th Annual Farmers' Night of the Rock Falls Rotary.  What started 67 years ago was a need for the businessmen in the city of Rock Falls to celebrate those in the rural community, as both were needed in partnership for a successful community.  That tradition of Rotary honoring and celebrating the contributions of farmers to our community continues today.

Sponsors of the event included the following:  Johnson Oil Company, The Cornerstone Agency, Vern's Farm Supply, Alton Irrigation, 1st Farm Credit Services, Gold Star F.S., Sauk Valley Bank, and Zoeller Ag Services. 

Entertainment was arranged by Elizabeth Judd, Music Director at Rock Falls High School, who had invited three high school students from Rock Falls, Dixon, and Milledgeville, members of the band named Rhythm Quest Band Rock.  A dessert auction auctioneered by Lyle Dirks and Rob Young and a 50/50 raffle provided proceeds to support high school student scholarships.

Caption: Three members of the band Rhythm Quest Band Rock : (left to right) guitar: Dayton Reuter, Drums: Greydan Katner, and guitar: Zack Lawyer.